Welcome to East-West Support – your connection between the Eastern and Western Europe!

East-West Support is a strategic and management global diversity consultancy established in 2006 with focus on solving complex diversity management challenges for Eastern and Western Europe.

We provide consulting services on all aspects of Diversity and Inclusion, including Client, Workforce, Supplier diversity and International Marketing and Branding.

We assist West-European organizations to develop cross-cultural competence (3C’s), which allows them to realize their international ambitions in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.). We also provide services to Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian companies willing to descover or further develop West- European markets for their products. Our expertise allows clients to both launch new programs and products or enhance existing ones - always with an eye towards extending commercial brand, creating a competitive advantage, increasing revenue and ultimate profits through advanced communication strategies and intercultural marketing tools.

In addition, East-West Support provides a bottom-line perspective to an area often perceived as a social issue and offers tools for executives to identify and realize diversity profit opportunities within their corporations through a unique combination of thought leadership and cross-cultural insights. Every day, we work to ensure that all people, no matter where they work today, where they come from or where their ambitions go to, have an opportunity to contribute and succeed. Our unique coaching program for migrants to The Netherlands guarantees the most subtle integration and most broad participation of the newcomers to the Dutch society.

We assist both organizations and individuals to optimize their intercultural contacts through customized coaching and training programs in cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural negotiation, multicultural conflict resolution, customer service, business and organizational communication. The professional enterpreting and translation services in Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch and English are also an important part of our business.

Please, check our range of services we offer in line with your goals.

Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me (Carlos Fuentes)

Business Consulting

Our experts provide business consulting services for institutional development and reform, capacity building, financial planning and management, strategic planning, design and delivery of training programs, to name but a few areas, for your international activities.

Project Management

Our international project management program generates a high return-on-investment through a combination of new business initiatives, internal and external brand enhancement, talent management, risk management and cost savings.

Communication and translation

Cross-Cultural Communication models developed by our experts proved to be very helpful in building cultural intelligence. Our professional and qualified interpreters provide you with both written as oral (including simultaneous) translations.

Migrant Coaching

Basing on the migration and cross-cultural psychology our experts provide migrant coaching to newly arrived immigrants, expatriates and citizens with migration background in The Netherlands, including Language Assistance Program, Social Support Group, Integration and Participation Program, Personal Development Project etc.

Latest Works


Peters producten B.V.

We have been involved in the Russian project of a Dutch leading confectionary manufacturer. Our activities include administration, accounting and operations management, customs services, production and distribution consulting.


Orion lyceum

The analysis of the education process at this secondary school has led to the development and implementation of the customized quality policy document in harmony with the vision and mission of the organisation.


Clever Culture Communication

Our expertise allowed our client to prepare and successfully implement a training program in cross-cultural communications for Heineken employees being outsourced to Russian Federation.



A teaching method ‘Netherlands as a second language’ we have designed for Russian-speaking community in the Netherlands proved to be very effective preparing the students for the State Exam Program II within 4-5 months.