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East-West Support is a strategic and management global diversity consultancy established in 2006 with focus on solving complex diversity management challenges for Eastern and Western Europe. We provide a wide range of services in all phases of your international adventure.

The firm’s first major project was a strategic analysis of the business activities in Russian Federation for a leading global confectionary manufacturer. The challenge was to determine whether the client investment of millions of Euro’s into the development of a local production site has been effective and efficient. Despite the remaining hype about the prospect for growth in this particular area, the East-West Support in-depth competitive analysis revealed a consistent theme—lack of report transparency, unsynchronized accounting systems and unused revenue growth opportunity. The strategic advice based on the analysis saved our client a substantial amount, as well as unnecessary headaches. Emboldened by this early success, the firm became a de facto internal consulting unit for its first client and worked on numerous global strategic management projects over the years.

The firm’s uncanny balance of professional analytic expertise informed by business wisdom has over the years translated into a blue chip roster of clients. Please, refer to our portfolio for the overview of our largest engagements.

East-West Support has many new corporate implementations targeted for the future and will soon be revealing new case studies and relevant information on proven ROI from diversity initiatives on our blog. Please, feel free to subscribe

Elena Plotnikova, Director

Elena Plotnikova

Russian from Ukraine, possessing two MA’s (Philology and Intercultural Communications), Mrs. Plotnikova has been for many years active on the international business market and involved in different research activities. She has founded East-West Support in 2006 following a twenty-plus year international career in various corporate leadership and specialist roles.

At East-West Support, Elena Plotnikova partners with clients to help them implement diversity on an economic, strategic and practical level. Previously, she worked as a Director, International Project manager, Business Development Manager, Export Manager, Program Manager, Docent and Trainer in different organizations in different parts of the world.

Mrs. Plotnikova is involved in various charity and social responsibility projects. She was inter alia a member of an Advisory Board at Palet diversity advisors, a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian-speaking community VMESTE, which advocates for ethnic diversity and inclusion.

Mrs. Plotnikova is a researcher and the author of various publications on international policy development, implementation and analyses, a recognized thought leader in international networks and speaks on a variety of topics.

Q: What makes you an expert?

A: Mark Twain defined an expert as "an ordinary fellow from another town". Well, I am an ordinary woman from another country. And seriously what makes an expert is an experience, knowledge obtained through it and motivation to share it with people. The combination of the background, substantial network both in Western en Eastern Europe, international education and work experience help me to reach the most challenging objectives in the field of diversity management and international project management. I speak the languages and am familiar with the habits and practices of both Eastern and Western Europeans. Knowledge of the administration and legislation, customs and tax regulations, labor terms and business culture of different countries – that’s what I offer my customers and relationships.