Our business consulting program covers the following areas:

Strategic advice: Strategic advice: Our advice in choosing exports destinations and determination procedures is supported by a comprehensive databank of statistic and background information. With a diversity component of the commercial branding strategy, a company will leverage and integrate its financial investment in workforce, client and supplier diversity to achieve a greater end result. The solution to diversity branding is for a firm to directly link an integrated diversity strategy to its commercial brand. Companies that do will see an exponential increase in financial return on investment. Feel free to make an appointment with our expert (without further engagement) through our contact form.

Foreign Investments advice: We have the right balance of knowledge of regulatory and legal environment in both Western and Eastern Europe and the cultural and linguistic skills to make the process of doing business much smoother for distant clients - from market entry studies to transaction assistance, and from tax structuring to establishing the right controls. The Dutch governmental support for foreign investments allows us to offer the best terms for global financial planning. Please, ask for the booklet on the investment climate in The Netherlands through our contact form.

Commercial advice: Diversity branding dovetails seamlessly into commercial brand. We support our clients in integrating all components of diversity in support of their commercial brand. Unlike most consultants, we do not stop here: instead we assist you in building your product marketing strategy, ground your price policy and help you to set balanced goals. The reliability of your prospects or business partners is being also controlled to enable you to take a grounded decision regarding delivery and payment terms. We support our clients in integrating all components of diversity in favour of their commercial brand.

Operational advice: Vendor demographics have also changed, requiring adjustments supply chain management to obtain the most productive and cost effective resources. The ability to hire, develop, promote and retain a talented diverse workforce, at all levels, is crucial for the sustainability of your business. East-West Support shows you how to commercialize diversity within your business. Our strategically aligned, ROI based approach helps you launch an initiative, decrease expenses, mitigate legal risk or take your programs to the next level. Selection of the export form, preparing a road map, considering the possibility of grants or subsidies, choice of stock and the most effective marketing tools can affect your business results.

We have developed two easy to fulfill solutions for continuing your business growth:

• Focus on managing global diversity – in a range of different cultural settings of the Eastern and Western European countries.

• Focus on internal competitiveness by improving your employee tools and resources.

As a global company, you have to compete and operate within a global market that is rapidly changing. The relations between Eastern and Western Europe are rather dynamic and stay challenging. Though there are general geopolitical and economical challenges, e.g. the confrontation with Russia, every challenge our customers face is different and requires a customized approach. However, one may rely on the knowledge and experience of those who walked the same path before you. Please, ask for our free guide on doing business in Russia.