As business operations have become increasingly global, it is questionable whether the narrow notion of "job migration" remains meaningful. Markets in Europe are experiencing job movement between Eastern and Western countries. This ebb and flow of job creation and retraction reflects the reality of an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Unfortunately, it does not always go flawlessly. Newcomers can quickly be made to think they are unwelcome in a country when they feel put down for their efforts. It is not an issue of dealing with someone who is genuinely unprepared or disinterested, but rather, communicating to newcomers (accidentally or intentionally) that despite their efforts, they don't have much chance of success. A number of things may communicate to people in a foreign country, "you don't belong here". Besides, there are cultural differences in both the interpretation of the outside signals and the response patrons to the intercultural triggers.

Our experts are able to analyze the deepest reason of being (or feeling) excluded and design a personal development program to help the person find his/her own place in the new environment and increase perceived wellbeing. The specific knowledge of cross-cultural psychology and a selection of proved to be effective for East-European cultures tools and techniques makes our program unique in The Netherlands.

Contrary to what many people believe, wellbeing isn't just about being happy. Nor is it only about being wealthy or successful. And it's certainly not limited to physical health and wellness. In fact, focusing on any of these elements in isolation may drive us to frustration and even a sense of failure. Therefore, our coaching program includes five universal, interconnected elements that shape our lives:

Career Wellbeing: the ability to be eager to begin work each day, feel appreciated (as as well as an employee), respect supervisor, enjoy associates, speak with pride and appreciation about company to others.

Social Wellbeing: having several strong relationships, being able to activate a when encountering problems, feel loved.

Financial Wellbeing: managing finances prudently, be aware of costs and in expenditures, frugal but not cheap.

Physical Wellbeing: the necessity to get sufficient rest as well as rigorous have plenty of energy in reserve, eat sensibly.

Community Wellbeing: require you to be actively and productively engaged neighborhood and in the community as well as in various groups within the area such as a church, social and community organizations, homeowners' association, etc.

We offer the most intensive form of coaching - a personal project with a professional coach. On the other scale is the fact that this kind of advice results in the highest yield.