Projects are the link between your organization’s strategy and your operations. Using our proprietary balanced approach for project and program management, East-West Support has achieved a 90% project success rate over the past 10 years.

Entrepreneurs operating internationally face numerous challenges, such as defining an internationalization strategy, finding reliable business partners, the evaluation of potential partner candidates, obtaining funding for feasibility studies and subsidies and grants for international expansion, risk analysis and risk management, finding qualified personnel abroad etc. Our project management consultants manage your toughest projects and programs.

The East-West Support project management activities focus on the provision of legal, administrative, operational and technical assistance in a variety of sectors for international development projects and donor-funded projects, including but not limited by:

• Search for new geographical presence and/or new international stakeholders;

• Increase of global market power or presence; increase of global political power; increase of global effectiveness;

• Realization of efficiency gains (e.g. by benefiting from economies of scale and scope);

• Access to scarce or unique resources (e.g. strategic proprietary assets);

• Reduction of risk through geographical diversification.

Some areas of particular expertise include:

• Project Management Methodologies, such as PMI, Agile, RUP, and Waterfall.

• Project Management Office Setup and Tuning.

• Troubled Project/Program Recovery.

• Strategic Project/Program Planning and Kickoff.

Not only can we run your projects, but also mentor and coach your staff, to ensure continued success long after our assignment concludes.

As part of the international project management our advisors are particular qualified to assist:

• Dutch companies investing in emerging Eastern European markets;

• Eastern European companies aiming to enter the international business market;

• Public and private investors such as the EBRD, the European Investment Bank, World Bank, IFC and FMO;

• EU projects.